Episode 7: It’s Your Turn Plus+ Commander Legends Combos

Hello and welcome to Brewing The 99 where we talk about all facets of the Magic: The Gatherings Commander format. Today, we bring you some commander legends card combos.  Next, we’re taking a look at what goes on during a turn of commander.  This may seem very beginner, but even if you are a seasoned player you might pick up some tips.  And like always we have our hot picks of the week, cards we think might up your game or go up in price.  And our no stupid questions segment brings another head scratcher.  As always we thank you for listening and hope you stick around for the show.

AS MENTIONED* COMBO LIBRARY: http://www.commanderspellbook.com

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Commander/EDH Official Rules, Ban list, FAQ, and more: https://mtgcommander.net

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